Astral Projection 04: Exercise


Hi to all,

Well it’s been a while since I have written about astral projection. It is because my meditation has been cut down. For those of you following, you will already know that as my son grows, our routine changes and I have recently changed to a routine that doesn’t allow for as much quite time to meditate. The time I do have to meditate often gets cut short when I fall asleep due to the tiredness of being a new mother. But as I began to be more and more grateful for my morsel of meditation each day, it is slowly becoming a meal again.

Back on the Horse

My favorite guided meditation for astral projection is no longer fading into my subconscious ten minutes in during the affirmations and I am getting close to the end more often. The thing that I love about this guided meditation is that it takes a holistic approach. Even if I don’t make it out of my body consciously, I feel I have come closer to reaching my goal. The reason for this is that it is segmented into stages that work to improve different parts of the process.


After the introduction it takes us through some affirmations. These are designed to help you to release your fear, increase your belief in your ability to have an astral projection and to confirm your desire to experience one as well. At this point You are just readying your mind. This step is something that is often overlooked in the process of learning OBE’s.

If you fear the experience, you will not be able to ‘let go’ and have an astral projection. If you do not believe you can have an one, then you will also have difficulties initiating an OBE. Your mind will likely block you from achieving it. The more you desire to have an astral projection experience, the more likely you will be able to have and OBE.

This makes the affirmation stage very handy. These are some of the things that will hold you back when it seems you have everything right. You may gloss over this part thinking it isn’t that important, but you should check your subconscious to make sure it is in line with your conscious wishes. Repeating these affirmations are like a mental exercise to keep your subconscious mind in line.


This is a very obvious part of the process and you won’t find many guided meditations that are geared toward astral projection leaving it out. Taking the time to relax every part of your body is a crucial part of any quiet meditation, however, when you practice this on a regular basis you can train yourself to relax more quickly and effectively. You can change your body state just by thinking it. By just willing your body to relax you can put it into a state of deep relaxation. Practice is the key. Each time you relax it takes less time and the relaxation becomes deeper.

Awakening Your Astral Body

By this time your body should be in sleep paralysis mode. If you find it hard to get here remember that you should not move at all during the relaxation process, don’t even scratch. It will only take about ten minutes or less of relaxation and non-movement for your body to fall asleep. Hopefully you are still awake though. This involves using what I know as a protection technique to trigger your astral body to awaken. You use your third eye chakra to encompass your astral body in light. With enough practice you will associate your visualization with the activation of your astral body and it will happen automatically.

During this phase I often feel separation from my physical body. I feel light and wishy washy. That may make no sense to you, but you may experience this stage differently. Buzzing sounds and vibrating feelings seem to be common. I have not yet had a conscious OBE, but I think I am getting closer. I have never experienced buzzing or vibrating, but have been told that not everyone does. In one experience recently, I distinctly felt myself fall back into my body. It was a very forceful thud, like I had physically fallen. My body even jerked quite violently like it had just hit the floor. Until that point though, I had no idea that I was out of my body, I just felt light and numb. I actually think I may not have even been that far out of my body, maybe even just misaligned.

Please remember to use stereo headphones to get use of the binaural beats (Brainwave Entrainment) in the background.

Astral Body Exercise

This part helps you to feel and identify different parts of your astral body. From using your astral arms to seeing with your astral eyes. If you want to take conscious control of your astral self, exercise can be a good way. This part makes use of visualization techniques to expand your consciousness. Just as the visualization of the white light actually protects us, the visualization of our astral body can put us in control of it. The visualization doesn’t stop there at this point, you can even imagine the feeling of using these body parts. I can certainly feel my consciousness shifting and stretching with these exercises.

Exit Strategy

This is it. This is where you get out of your body and go on your journey. I haven’t experienced this part yet however my subconscious OBE’s have multiplied since doing these exercises. I often wake from sleep and realize my dream was most likely travel on an astral plane. Gemini, my spirit guide, usually confirms whether or not I have left my body. Tell tale signs for me are things such as; I am unaware I am traveling at the time so most of my journeys don’t leave the house, I tend to be able to see through walls at certain points too and things are not exactly the same as they are on this plane but are extremely close.

They also tend to be quite uneventful, that is, I tend to do stuff that I do in my waking life; go to the toilet, walk around the house, look for stuff etc. It is also possible to become lucid at this point and have an experience that way. These experiences are often mistaken for lucid dreams. The difference is the surroundings. If you can control your surroundings once becoming lucid, you are still obviously with in a dream construct. This does not mean that you can control where you are but things like, controlling the whether or elements. If you have to change your location to change your surroundings you are probably having an OBE.

Please enjoy the Guided meditation I have provided. This is the one I use that encompasses all these steps and more. The voice has been modified to a specific frequency to help with brainwave entrainment. I find a good set of sound cancelling quality headphones make the experience much better. Have fun. And feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.

Facebook-256Click the Facebook book to see what’s going on over at the Facebook page. Share your experiences, memes, photos, pictures and artwork. You are always welcome to share your spiritual journey in the lovelightlearn community. I hope to see you over there. Thank you all for your support it has been wonderful.

Lots of love,


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