Meditation 05: Brainwave Entrainment


Hi to all,

Well you’ve probably heard me bang on about brainwave entrainment before. I use them with guided meditations to reach certain mind states and I find them highly effective. I have only been using them for a couple of months but I must say they have accelerated my learning in regards to meditation greatly. There a few different forms of brainwave entrainment, most of which are aural, though some are visual also.


I won’t go into the application of sound in the universe, but science and spiritual masters tell us that the Universe is made up of vibrations, just like those produced by sound. If the Universe were a painting, sound would be a very common and viable brush that could be used to paint the picture we desire. If we don’t use it deliberately, it will still continue to shape our physical world. Science is just starting to understand what spiritual masters have known for millennia. Sound can not just shape our outside universe, but we can use sound to shape our inner selves.

Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

Brainwave entrainment uses sounds of specific frequencies that are spaced strategically to make the human brain mirror the frequencies and therefore change the brainwave state it is in. I don’t have much experience with Monaural beats, however, Binaural beats involve using two separate tones of specific frequency to create a third tone in between. For the third tone to be created within the mind the two tones must be heard through separate ears, that is, use of stereo headphones are essential. Whilst normal ear-bud headphones will do. I have found that the better your headphones the more effective the beat will be. Isochronic tones makes use of a pulsated tone that is spaced in a way such that the brain waves will mirror the pattern.

yoga_04Brainwave States

Gamma – 30–100+ Hz:  This state is the fastest measurable brainwave state. It has the advantage of higher learning and greater memory and information retention. It is also associated with feelings of bliss and is common among Buddhist monks and others that meditate deeply on love and compassion.

Beta – 12–30 Hz: This is the state of normal conscious, awake behavior. The lower ranges have us feeling calm and relaxed, however, the higher ranges can induce anxiety and panic. It is common amongst all awake people as this is where we spend most of our waking hours.

Alpha – 8–12 Hz: This is the normal state for dreaming. As we fall into or rise out of sleep we are most likely to dream. Our brainwaves at this point are in the Alpha range. You may also experience this brainwave state when deeply engrossed in movies or television.

Theta – 4–8 Hz: This is the state that is associated with deep sleep. Once you have fallen into a deep sleep your brainwaves will slow down to the Theta range. This is also said to be a very creative and insightful brainwave state.

Delta – 0.05–4 Hz: This brainwave state is associated with slow wave sleep. Slow wave sleep is the point of sleep where the body and mind can recover from daily tasks. It is also when growth hormones are secreted the most.

Epsilon – 0.00–0.05 Hz: This state hasn’t been studied as much as others but is thought to be associated with deep meditative states.

Known Uses

This is the good bit. So far there are many uses for brainwave entrainment from help with healing to study aids that will help you to retain more information more easily and solve problems more quickly and easily. But what do I use them for? Well they are also great for meditation. With brainwave entrainment you can reach meditative states that could take decades for your brain to reach unassisted. Brainwave entrainment is also good to aid astral projections and lucid dreaming. By staying conscious in some of the sleep states, you can trick your body into going to sleep whilst you stay conscious, then you may control things that are usually dictated by the subconscious.

If you take some time and read up and learn a bit about it, brainwave entrainment has some really cool applications. For those of us who like to stretch and experiment with our consciousness, this is just what we are looking for. Here is a beat using Binaural and Iso tones for deep meditation. If you are still learning mediation like me, rather than trying to clear your mind try visualizations to stop your mind from wandering. Remember to use stereo headphones otherwise there will be little to no effect.

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