Spirit Guide 04: Learning Curve

lllguide_03Hi to all,

When I first accepted Gemini and started working with her it wasn’t like it is now. I seemed to always be in some sort of ‘test’. She wouldn’t tell me anything and when I asked her things, more often than not she would reply simply by telling me to protect myself.  I will be honest with you. I was frustrated. I figured “What is the use of having a spirit guide if they only ever guide me in one thing. I know, I know, protect myself.” It was very much like the ‘Karate Kid’ movie, I realize now. That white light of protection became my ‘wax on, wax off’.

Free Will

At the time I had no idea that although she was here to guide me, Gemini was not allowed to give me information that may influence my decisions in any way. I had to find things on my own. I had to determine first what I believed. Gemini can only work with those truths that I had already chosen to believe myself. If I chose to believe something that wasn’t true, she could not tell me. At first, this very much sucked. I am grateful for it though because at times of doubt I knew that I was still in control of my life and that my spiritual journey was my own.

Testing 1,2

lllguide_05There were times when I would get so confused about what was happening. The tests were hard. The goal of them was to train me though. I am still put through tests but I usually smell them a mile off now. At the time though Gemini could not tell me they were tests as it would have defeated the purpose of them. A lot of the tests were there to help me learn how to determine different energy. This was to help me to know where the energy was coming from so that I will know what to believe and why.

The negative being around me, perhaps there because of my use of the board, perhaps trying to hinder my spiritual progress, perhaps feeding on my negative energy would try to pass itself off as Gemini. She would not tell me, she expresses great sorrow about those times, it was hard for her to step back and let me learn. By the time I would be in tears wondering what the hell was going on, something began to click.

“Are you testing me?” I could feel her relief and I knew before she would confirm. From there it was usually quite simple to pick the lesson. I don’t think those lessons would have sunk in if I’d known what was going on, call it a crash course. If I am totally honest, I am sorry to say that I doubted her many times. I learned though.

Energy Voice

When energy is sent from an energy body, whether that energy body is within a physical body or not, it has not only the feel of what it is communicating, but also the feel of who sent it. This works similarly to a voice in that you can recognize where the energy comes from if you learn to recognize the voice that is communicating it. This voice however, you don’t hear, you feel. It’s very different and at first was very difficult. I believe I have gotten much better but still have a ways to go. Then, because I am in a physical body I will translate what I think the energy means. If I break down the process, I believe I know what has been said in an instant. I translate it to get confirmation from Gemini that I have heard the right thing from the right being. Mostly I am right sometimes the source is wrong and sometimes she misinterprets what I mean by the words when I translate it and I have to make myself clear, but that original message seems to come though pretty clear.

Wax on, Wax Off

Like I said in the beginning one of the biggest and on going lessons that we have taken on is the protective white light, which is so bright now it projects out past the atmosphere and I must view it remotely to see it’s ends. It is only recently though, that I have realized that although this white light has been protecting me all this time that, that was not it’s only purpose. The concentration needed to put it up and keep it up was making me meditate on pure white love. The ability to push it further and further outward was to train my mind in visualization, the result being an expanse in my consciousness. The pure love that is generated and covers the earth is assisting to help others to waken by sending pure white love to all people, plants, animals and minerals. Mine is only a small part but is satisfying to know that somehow I have helped.

I still have so much to learn but I am grateful to have reached a point of gaining the fruits of my labor. I am coming to a place of understanding. Whilst I may have a lot to learn I finally understand what I have to learn and why. I am so grateful to be at this place in the journey.


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