Ascension 04: The Awakening


Hi to all,

It seems to me that there are a lot of things that can spark an awakening. Some are induced through spiritual or paranormal experiences like I had, some are near death experiences, some through suffering. All I know is that once you’ve had an awakening it seems that it will pull you along. It is a journey that will change you for the better and can be a wonderful journey, but I won’t candy coat it. If you are not ready for your awakening it will come as a great shock. Consciously choosing to awaken yourself to your higher energy, I can imagine will not be as bigger shock as to those such as myself that bungle through it not really knowing what an awakening is, or that I would like to have one.

The Calling

Before my awakening I felt that there was another side of life that I wanted to be open to but didn’t know how. I believed in the paranormal and the spirit world. I believed that human beings have talents that we haven’t evolved into yet, but I just didn’t know how to develop them. In other words I didn’t know what I was looking for was to awaken my spiritual self and If I had, I wouldn’t have know how to do it. I tried reading books but again I wasn’t really sure. I remember the first book on Astral Projection I got included rituals with symbols and you had to face in a specific direction. It was weird and I knew it was not what I was looking for.

If you have read much of my blog you will know that I started meddling with Ouija boards when I was young and my awakening started here. It has, however knocked at my door for over a decade waiting for me to acknowledge it and start the spiritual journey waiting for me. At this point I would like to say that now that I am ready and have recently  begun, it feels better than ever.

lllchakra_08Back in the Tube

Once an awakening has happened I am sorry but it is impossible to put it back in the tube so to speak. Not knowing this can be a source of trouble to those of us who are over whelmed by the process that has begun. You may not connect the dots straight away. You may wonder why strange things are happening to you, why what seems like logic to you, others cannot see or are baffled by. You feel things others can’t feel, see things others are blind to, hear things others claim are not there and know things others still question. But at first you will not trust yourself and it will drive you nuts, hopefully not literally but depression and anxiety are a very real risk.

I must say that without a very real contact from your spirit guide this journey is really hard in this day and age. The reason is that western society is built to obviate any trace of the path we are meant to walk. Even religions run ripe with corruption, greed and other spiritually stunting traits. A direct link to your spirit guide I dare say is the purest way to get help. I looked for help and realized when it comes to the real deal even the religious leader of the purest heart is only reciting lines that seem to work in a limited capacity. Eastern religions seem to have much more of the original content remaining and intact, but is open to interpretation, and of course your spiritual journey may contain aspects not experienced by others on their very personalized journey.


This is why community is so important. Guidance can be found in our fellow man but respect for each others personal journey’s must also be allowed. I believe that religion is not quite the answer we need at this point. I do think it has it’s place in the over all scheme of things, but those who make good progress through religion will sense the holes of knowledge not being filled, and will crave something more. Combining knowledge gained through studying many religions may help but still our personal path may not be clear to us through all there is to learn. There are others out there going through these similar things to us, at similar times and this can be a great help. I really believe we should be looking to accept and help each other. What you have learned may inspire others and vice versa.

If you have been through an awakening or think you have, one of the best ways to start your spiritual journey is with a group of people who are supportive and understanding of your situation. Although it lacks real human contact, the warmth of online community can be a very positive place to start and the diversity can help you to find your way, with real life people with real experiences and many different ways they can help. And of course your guides are always ready with unconditional love for your contact. Some of the blogs I have read here through WordPress have been a wonderful help on my journey and for them I am truly grateful.


9 thoughts on “Ascension 04: The Awakening

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  3. Finding a good group can be a real challenge, especially if they are also leaning. There often is a battle for ego going on. Was one of the things I found when I started finding others. Kind of shocked me at the time.


    • Good point I have been pretty lucky, then again, I go where my intuition takes me, If you haven’t developed your intuition it can be hard. But I would say if you put yourself out there just give the most energy to those who show the most support and have similar paths and remove yourself from the negative.


      • Yes, intuition is important. I’m glad I got to experience the negative side, though. It was brief, but important as it showed me that not everyone thinks along the same lines I do.

        It’s easier nowadays, especially with the net.


        • True, though with the anonymity created on the net some people can still be pretty brutal. Once you develop your intuition and/or a relationship with your guide I think it becomes easier to deal with the negative. I think that when the timing and circumstances are right the influence we have as positive beings is meant to help some people suffering through the negativity, but you need that sixth sense ability to now how and when otherwise you will be drained of and waste a lot of energy.


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