Meditation 03: Patience

lllmeditation_01Hi to all,

Meditation is by far the best way I have come across so far to expand your consciousness and progress spiritually. It is simple and everyone can do it. You don’t need to go out and buy things to practice it or assist with it. It is very low risk with phenomenal benefits to your mind body and soul. The relaxation factor is definitely one of my favorite effects. This has become an issue for me though.

Progress Boom

When I first started meditating again, I had an incredible progress boom in the spiritual department. It was great. I remember the first time I seriously started mediating, this didn’t happen. I couldn’t see what I was getting out of it and gave up pretty quickly. I knew it was good for me. I wanted to do it. But my dilemma at the time was how to I discipline myself to practice it every day?

I find that weird now. Using the word discipline. I do it every day now and I look forward to it. However things have really slowed down and I am learning a lesson in patience. I have always been an “I want it now” kind of girl. Again I knew it was good to have patience but I wasn’t practicing it. I have asked for some help from my guide and my guardians in certain areas and the consequence is I am having to deal with the most immediate of my current flaws and not in a subtle way either.

Benefits of Meditation

lllAstral projection_02There are some things along the way that I already know I will have to deal with but now is not the time. Patience. I have had a shift in my daily routine, as my son gets older and I can’t meditate as much as I used to. I am so tired that I often fall asleep ten minutes into my meditation. Gemini is also keen to get things moving but points out that ten minutes a day is better than none and even though I should try to get as much in as I can, not to worry, the process has not stopped, only slowed. Patience.

There are a lot of great effects that mediation will have on my spiritual journey. I am quite aware of what they are and that there are some that I am not aware of yet. I am not at the point of my spiritual journey where I can experience them yet. Patience. I think I am doing pretty well, but I would like to take this time to say that, If you are just starting to meditate. Be patient. At first it seems like nothing is happening. But more and more will open up to you. I have only had just the smallest taste but I can tell you even that is worth the effort. Patience.


If you can manage to get through the first part of finding your meditation niche. That is: when you can meditate, where you should meditate, how to meditate and what to meditate on. You will find that you will get answers to your questions on life without having to get second hand info from others who’s journeys may be very different from yours.

Guided Meditations and Brainwave Entrainment

To get through this first part I very much recommend guided meditations. You can find many free ones on the internet. YouTube is a great resource. Also I recommend using brainwave entrainment to help you reach those mind states you are after. If you are unaware of how it works you can Google it and find the parts that will help you. I love them and will probably do an article on it in the near future.

You will find guided meditations and brainwave entrainment videos to help you with everything from stress and depression to lucid dreaming, chakra alignment and astral projection. Ask your guides to lead you to the ones that will be most helpful to you. These ones will be the most enjoyable to do and have awesome effects on you. I still use all these methods. I am looking forward to having more time to meditate, but for now, my son comes first. Patience.


7 thoughts on “Meditation 03: Patience

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  2. Good post! Yes, meditation requires consistent practice to stay in the moment, however the effort brings amazing results…I call them ‘blessings’ or gifts. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the follow!.



  4. I’ve never been able to meditate successful. I either fall asleep (and wake up feeling awful) or I get bored.

    I do do a type of conscious contemplation, though, which can be done anywhere. Not sure it’s the same thing, but it does give me answers.


    • I would call it a type of meditation. I found this on another blog:

      Meditation is simply the name for life lived with awareness.

      “Meditation means being in the moment, not leaving this moment. Someone asked Buddha, ‘How shall we meditate?’
      Buddha replied, ‘Whatsoever you do, do it with awareness; this is meditation. Walking, walk attentively, as if walking is everything; eating, eat with awareness, as if eating is everything; rising, rise with awareness; sitting, sit with awareness; all your actions become conscious, your mind does not travel beyond this moment, it remains in the moment, settles in the moment — this is meditation.’


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