Ascension 03: Save the Earth

lllchakra_05Hi to all,

So, did I suck you in with my plea for the Earth? Of course, or you wouldn’t be reading this. However, I am not going to say what you think I am going to say. I don’t want to you to: save water, save the whales, save the dolphins, save the[insert endangered species here], Save the rainforest, recycle, reuse or any of the stuff that you may hear from those who see the earth suffering and want it to end. I have just one little request. DON’T jump on the save the earth bandwagon, that’s NOT a typo. SAVE YOURSELF instead.

Save the Planet Campaigns

I actually care a great deal about the Earth and love to be close to nature. I want the polluting and destruction to stop also. So why make the above statements? Because saving yourselves will save the Earth. Anyone who starts an ascension, that is; has a spiritual awakening WILL begin to care. Evolve enough spiritually and it will become more and more increasingly harder to hurt Mother Earth. The ‘campaigns’ of the current regime are endearing, but ineffective on a whole, only prolonging the inevitable. I don’t want you to treat Mother Earth with disregard, however, the actual effect of these campaigns is, you are robbed of the joy Mother Nature is here to provide us. They create increasing amounts of sadness in those of us who care. But those of us who care are the ones who are aware enough to turn it right. Many people who are ready to begin their journeys seriously, are trapped fighting a losing battle. They can’t even think of their own self as Mother Earth is in need.

lllchakra_06Planetary Changes

The planet has begun it’s own changes and I believe that the era of love has begun. There is to be an revolution, but you need not lift a finger, you will not need to rise up against anyone, you will not need to fight. You need only to love, share love, be love, feel love. How? This will happen almost as a natural consequences of the planetary changes occurring, you need only be aware. Make a choice. Choose love. How can it be that easy? Simple. Love is absolute. It is not a response to stimuli as we have been taught to believe, we have access to it every second of every day. The Universe is made of it.

It is time to stop being proud of just our families, towns, cities, countries, nations, religions and races and start being proud of our planet also. My fellow Earthlings, I suggest to you that being an Earthling is a beautiful and wonderful thing to be. That you should be proud to be an Earthling. Right now you may not be proud of everything your fellow Earthlings are doing, but that is about to change, by conscious thought, by collective conscious thought. Remember Love, it is absolute.

Choosing to be a Part

You can do only your own part though. You can not choose for others, you can guide but not instruct. Each journey is different. It must be that way. Our free will is paramount. Each of us has to find our own way there. But free information is a positive start to help those already looking, whether they know what they are looking for or not. Your higher self is waiting to show you the way, your spirit guides want to support you in your decisions and help you find the way. To find them you only need to start looking. Ask. If you would like help from your spirit guide to start please check out the Spirit Guides 02: DIY.  Your spiritual journey awaits you. Finding your way to truth, freedom and happiness will save our planet.


3 thoughts on “Ascension 03: Save the Earth

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  3. I think nature is a huge help in the spiritual journey. It is here we see how important it really is to us. That it is not something to be abused. But a living thing that should be respected.


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