Ascension 02: Signs and Sypmtoms

lllchakra_03Hi to all,

The signs and Symptoms that may be involved with each spiritual journey is something I want to talk about. There are many pages you can find to list these symptoms and signs for you. I want to talk about it because it so much of a relief to know that you are not alone and awareness of the symptoms and signs may put an end to the confusion for some.

lllchakra_04Finding Understanding

Many of us when we start our spiritual journey have no idea what we are in for. In many ways it turns out to be the grandest adventure, with highs that we could never anticipated. However, there is a lot of hard work too and it takes its toll on us spiritually, mentally and even physically. The crazy thing is that some of us don’t even realize the journey we’ve started and it can really suck when the symptoms hit hard and we don’t know why.  If you have someone who is understanding and supportive of your journey despite whether they are also on their own journey or not it can be very helpful.

I have experienced quite a few signs and symptoms myself so I know that at first you may not even know what is happening or why, and then when you do know what is happening finding people who truly understand is also hard. I have a very supportive husband. Although I have started my journey and he does not pursue one. Our spiritual beliefs don’t differ that greatly, only in a few key areas. But because he is not experiencing his own spiritual pursuit he cannot truly understand what it’s like. I am grateful for him though and that he is so supportive.  As a woman it is not my spiritual beliefs that make him think I am crazy. Ha ha.

Mental Symptoms

Many people, like myself will end up with diagnosis that are inaccurate, struggling with what we think is mental illness. We also may end up with real cases of depression, of which the cause is unclear. The mental strain can really do a number on you. When you awaken things like clairaudience and you start hearing voices I can say from experience, you check yourself into a psych ward and they gladly take you. If there isn’t a bed, they’ll find you one. Along with Depression, Anxiety is common. They went hand in hand for me. I have also read and found in myself a tendency to find words to express myself properly in conversation. I didn’t know why all of a sudden this had happened to me when, as a young person I had what you would call the gift of the gab and was a great impromptu public speaker.

Physical Symptoms

Then there is the physical symptoms. Sleep and energy levels are almost always the first to suffer. I have found many like myself seem to rock back and forth between one extreme and the next or both at once I will suffer sever lethargy and insomnia at the same time. During my days of sever anxiety I had to teach myself how to fall asleep as it would just not come naturally. I would constantly be going for tests for my lethargy because I still haven’t found a suitable cause for it.

I have recently had a huge flare up of allergies. I haven’t had them this badly since I was treated for them as a child. I went to the doctor insisting I had the flu, to be told there was no sign of infection. I will usually have a flare up around change of season but not like this, it hasn’t been like this in twenty years and it’s been going on for about three weeks now. Nothing in my house has changed either. Then I read one site that included bad allergy flare ups or sudden onset of allergies as a symptom. I must say that I am seriously considering that could be the reason.

I will not list all the symptoms here I will just say that you should Google “Ascension Symptoms” and you will get a good few sites. Some of the symptoms are obvious and listed on all sites but more obscure ones like the allergies may only be caught on to by a few. Of course always check with a medical professional if you are experiencing any difficulties to make sure you are in good health and also use your commonsense. Experiencing just one of the symptoms or even two does not mean this is the cause.  However, if you are experiencing a fair few on the list it may be due to your spiritual awakening. If you haven’t experienced one intentionally, then you may want to ask yourself if something may have sparked a spontaneous one. You may not have been looking for a spiritual experience but had one and you may not have consciously pondered it since but once an awakening has started it usually has a habit of dragging you along.


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