Ascension 01: Coming Out of the Closet

lllchakra_02Hi to all,

Okay so you’ve started your spiritual journey and you start to get some results and you are working with your guide and you feel really good about how it’s going. But how many of your friends and family will understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and what is happening to you. What will they say? Will they make fun of you? Will they support your choices? It’s always a gamble. But there comes a time in the process when you really get things moving, when you start to change and not only is it hard to hide but you don’t want to anymore. This isn’t just about things you are doing or involved in you start to change and a new you emerges. But how do you come out to your friends and family.

The Personal Journey

Being that true ascension or spiritual evolution as I call it, is a very personal journey, it’s not a religion you can join, you can’t go, “Mum, Dad, I’m a Methodist” Many people who are on the same journey are taking different routes and have different names for the things involved. I have noticed though that there are not only spiritual side effects but also mental and physical ones too. So when, what, how and how much do you tell your loved ones? Well again that will be personal to you but you are not the only one facing this dilemma. I am happy to say though that most people are quite accepting of abstract spiritual beliefs if you are not pushing them on to others.

Personal Choices

You may go to lunch with a good friend. She recommends the chicken. You tell her that you have become vegetarian due to your spiritual beliefs. Most people will not ask you what your beliefs are because they don’t want to risk a religious rant, but they are also very tolerant of choices made for that reason despite not having the same views. If they are not tolerant you will find they will slip out of your life very easily. I once had an almost complete overhaul of friends. This was not due to me coming out, however, but one of the signs of spiritual progress is that people who are not in line with positive growth, don’t just slip away but literally become intolerable if they are full of drama and negativity.

Now those closest to you may be interested and ask about your beliefs or practices, here is where you get to choose how much or little you want to tell them. A simple “It’s personal, I’ll explain it another time.” will suffice for most people until you are ready to fully come out and/or decide if you will or need to come out to this particular person. Whilst waiting for the right time to speak to them they may just fade out of your life. It may resolve itself.

My Coming Out

For me starting this blog was a part of my coming out. Those who want to know can come and read it. I have a separate Facebook profile for my blog work, but that is more for promotional reasons. I use it to post to my personal page and my personal page posts back. It is not hidden from anyone but not pushed in anyone’s face either. I find it to be a nice, no pressure approach to the coming out dilemma.

Have you come out to anyone, perhaps everyone? How was it for you? Please, if you have any advice for those that may read this post and are wanting to come out of the closet so to speak, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.


10 thoughts on “Ascension 01: Coming Out of the Closet

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  2. One thing that keeps coming up for me is the fact that I was compelled to come out as gay at a time when it was safer and more practical to stay in the closet. I could not live a lie then, and I cannot live a lie now. Being in public is sometimes torture and I don’t like it but I cannot realistically be a hermit.

    I am unable to keep a job that stations in me in a public setting. I wish this were not the case but people project a lot of things onto me and I reflect them back to them. I used to absorb it and take that on. I can no longer do this. So I have a new career and it’s rebuilding and adding to the one I already had. As an author, writer and Internet pioneer.

    It gets weird around me. So I keep to myself. And I wish things were different but I am new to realizing this and it will get better as I clear my old life out and welcome the new. Thank you for this blog and for sharing.


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  5. I think there’s probably only one person I haven’t revealed what I really do, to. That’s because he’s my place to just be silly, and the two worlds don’t mesh. While I don’t hide it, I don’t go there either. Otherwise, I don’t hide my work. (though, at work, I don’t go about drawing attention to it either!)


    • Thanks Gary. People closest to me have always known a lot of my story. I personally felt like it is no longer a part of me rather than just me. I am working toward being free enough to speak about it without fear of judgement. So I am slowly working through it. I feel no need to put it everyone’s face and go ‘here!’ But at the same time the confidence to deal with people who don’t understand or tell you you’re wrong can be hard, especially emotionally.


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