Mundooluns Church

lllcemetery_01The Urban Legend

It started as many youthful adventures do. With an urban legend. At the time I very much had a thing for cemeteries and had frequented many in the area. So when I was told about Mundooluns church and cemetery. I just had to go. The legend I was told was about a man who had medals from the first world war. He went a bit nuts and buried them in the yard and would hatchet off the heads of any one who even accidentally looked in their direction. At the time I had a good laugh and stated how bogus I thought it was. Then They showed me a film called ‘Frenchman’s Farm’ and claimed that the  film was based on this guy. I didn’t believe it, still don’t but it was juicy. The church was 45 minutes away from us.

“We must go!” I proclaimed. So one night five if us piled into my friends car and we started driving. When we reached the church, the gate to a long dirt driveway was shut and locked, however, it was just a half sized gate to stop cars going through and was easy to get over. Of the five of us in the car only myself and the driver had the guts to get out and go up to the cemetery that was out the back of the church. Apparently the mans family was all buried up there and under the church was a tomb.

lllcemetery_02The White Noise

With three waiting in the car and dubbed ‘Chicken’ My friend, Matt  and I walked up the driveway to the cemetery. The cemetery part has small fences and we didn’t actually go in. We lit up a smoke when we got there. Matted needed to urinate so I turned away. When I turned back to see if he was finished I noticed he was peeing through the fence onto a grave. I had a go at him, telling him that I thought it was disrespectful. Then something caught my ear. It was a type of white noise. It sounded like it was way off in the distance, Matt heard it too. With in seconds it went from sounding far away to sounding like it was right next to us. We started to walk back down but when the sound seem to come from the bushes next to us, I’d seen too many horror movies not to run. As we hoofed it down the drive way Our heavy footsteps aroused the neighbors’ dogs and they started to bark.

We got back to the car and sped away. One of the ‘chickens’ in the back seat with me kept looking behind us, paranoid, but there was no body there. After about fifteen minutes of driving we all started to settle down. Then from behind, out of no where, headlights beamed from behind. Matt who was driving couldn’t understand. The road was deserted, there was plenty of room to go around as no one was in the opposing lane. Matt stuck his hand out the window and signaled the car to overtake.

The Confrontation

It did over take, only after it sped further down the road it came to an abrupt stop, blocking most of the road. Matt stopped behind the car when a large Maori guy hopped out with a handful of chains from which hung padlocks hooks and such. All I could think was “Great, here we are in the middle of nowhere, there are no houses, no street lights, only bush and this guy has come out of nowhere and is going to murder us!” He slammed the chains on to the bonnet of the car, (which actually belonged to Matt’s mum) making a dent. He then with bare fist punched Matt in the face and told us to stay Away from Mundooluns church.

At this point we realized we weren’t going to be murdered, the guy was the care taker of the church who lived next door. He must have been alerted to us by the dogs and some how followed us under the cloak of darkness. I’m guessing because of the legend they had a lot of this type of thing happening.

The photo’s I have included are mine but they are taken at Toowong cemetery of a friend.



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