Ouija 04: Relapse

lllouija_08Hi to all,

Okay, first of all the lead up. If you haven’t already read them you will want the first three installments [HERE], [HERE] & [HERE]. About ten years passed without any activity on the paranormal front. I still thought about it on occasion and wondered how I had become in control of it and whether it was still there. I would concentrate on it and when I could feel what ever was in my hand had found a direction, I would stop before it could move.

The Call

Then, I remember so distinctly, one day I was sitting at the Airport. I was on the way to play a gig interstate. I was drinking a coffee and watching the planes as they taxied across the tarmac. I rested my coffee on the counter where I was sitting and without even a thought from me it moved. “Why now?” I thought. I still don’t know.

My curiosity peaked again and I started drawing up my own boards as I no longer had one of my own. On several occasions I spoke to someone. I thought they were different spirits or entities each time. I know now that they were not. It claimed to be many different people with different stories and even celebrities that had passed over. I was suspicious but still curious.

lllouija_06This time around it was not as big an obsession as it was last time and from about 2007 until last year I was still making and using boards. I would write numbers and letters on a piece of paper and use a smaller piece of paper with an arrow on it to point. Sometimes the letters were on the edge of the paper and I used the pointer on the table. If the paper was in a book or if  I had used something heavier than paper I would use the pointer over the top, sometimes a pen.

After my bout in 2007 I used it on and off for a little while but again I wasn’t really getting any answers so I stopped. Then in 2009 I was experiencing a lot of the body movement and was getting pretty scared as I still didn’t know what it was inside me.


One day I was looking at YouTube clips when I found one that was not only real (I could tell) but also with a friendly and informative spirit. This woman had a twin soul (soul-mate) on the other side that spoke to her on a device that was very similar to Ouija and worked on the same principles. They had a wonderful relationship and so I decided to ask her some questions seeing that she seemed to know what she was doing. I sent her a message on YouTube.

She answered me and we sent back and forth a few emails. It was here that I found out that Gemini was what she described as my Doorkeeper. She taught me about grounding myself. (Which I still don’t do enough.) And how to Protect myself with white light, a practice that Gemini has expanded on since. My protective light can now reach way out into the universe. I also use a white light over my third eye chakra to protect it even further.


At this point I really didn’t need the boards, so I tried different forms of divination. Some were more congruent with Gemini’s wishes, others were not. She always let me know when they weren’t. We use/d emotional communication, where she can communicate an emotion to me directly and make me feel it. Also she can communicate telepathically with me and me with her. She can use my fingers to type or my eyes to aim. She can use  pretty much any part of my body. The most usual now that we are comfortable is a thumbs up for ‘yes’, an open hand face down and side to side for ‘no’. She points outwards to remind me to protect myself, sometimes if I am not receiving her movement, my body will tense up. Then I will usually notice the tension and I don’t need to ask to know she is trying to tell me to use my protection. She can also use clairvoyance to communicate if I am in the right physical and mental state.

No-no’s for me include of course the board, but also any thing that may use another object to move. Using pens to write etc. Gemini can use these methods but always has to fight for control of them. It is not easy for her. Also at the moment my clairaudient ability is tuned into a low vibration and I hear only the negative influence around me. It sometimes says positive things to trick me into listening but Gemini has no need to use the clairaudient channel as our telepathy is fine. I am hoping once I raise my vibration somewhat I may get messages from beings of light and love. Still working on it.


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