Universal Road Signs: Short Cuts

lllmountains_02Hi to all,

Today I want to talk about Universal Road Signs. By Universal Road Signs I mean things that we see, hear or have happen to us that show us where we are on our spiritual journey, if we are on the right track, which way to go and where we should be heading. In specific today I’m talking short cuts. These are the ones that show us where we should be heading.

A Glimpse

Occasionally the Universe gives us a glimpse of something that is way beyond our current abilities as a physical being.  I believe the reason is to show us what is possible, what we have access to but are not using yet. Now the reason we are not using it may be many different things, The most common and where the majority of our western culture resides is in the “I’m unaware of it or I don’t believe in it” section. Once you experience it though it may be enough to get you curious enough to try to understand it better. Many, however, will shrug it off as a freak occurrence. Some people may not know how to follow their road sign, others may misinterpretation it.


So let’s look at some examples of a road sign as they vary greatly. You usually ask for them whether subconsciously or consciously, however if you are just ready and/or open to receive you may pick them up any way. So maybe you wanted to know something, you asked the question and then someone on the radio said something that could constitute an answer despite the fact they were speaking about something unrelated. You knew it though, it was too much of a coincidence not to be significant.

These sort of things happen a lot and are most likely there to keep you on the right track, you may underplay their importance, but your higher self scratches at you, insisting there is more to it.

Then there are the short cuts, things like becoming aware of an astral experience when you had absolutely no intention or knowledge of such things. You most likely have been Astrally traveling since you were a child but for some reason you only remember it this time. It’s like the Universe saying “Hey, what do you think of this?”

I have heard of people who have spontaneously merged consciousness with plants or animals. At the time they did not know what they were doing or how they were doing it. But afterwards have set out on a journey to find out what, how and why it happened.

A Taste

I’m actually quite sure that we all have access to these sort of talents and abilities, but they are part of a spiritual evolution or ascension. On the physical plane we must learn and prepare for these things to become available to us. The universe however chooses to give us a little taste before hand to get us hooked and heading for the right goal for our particular journey.

Your Turn

I have experienced these and haven’t always known they were signs and then other times I have picked up on the smallest messages.  I am very interested to hear your stories of your Universal Road Sign. Please leave a comment and share your experiences with us, even if it were only a small one, even if you’re not sure if it was a road sign, get a second opinion.

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Lots of love,


8 thoughts on “Universal Road Signs: Short Cuts

  1. This is very heightened for me. I live in Chicago and there are sign everywhere. Literally street signs and when I am in tune with what’s happening it can feel like I am playing a video game. Even logos and the names of products and companies that have existed for a hundred years make sense to me in the present moment. I’ve taken a few people along with me as I read these signs and it’s quite miraculous. And in some way, I teach them and they get weirded out and ask ” How are you doing this?”


    • Yes. The ability to read symbols is in fact very real to me. A sentence from the television, a phrase you read in the paper, a picture on a sign. All if these things have held deeper meaning for me at times. How do I know they mean something. I don’t know. But they ‘feel’ like answers to questions I never asked but wanted to know the answers to.


    • I recently saw some chocolates on the counter of a gas station. They had various things written on their wrappers. The two that stood out to me was. “good luck” and ” just for you”. That day I won accommodation for a week in Thailand. I had been asking for a holiday. 🙂 perfect example.


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  4. Great post, I’ve had a few universal road signs, normally a sentence or a phrase in a book, whilst I’m reading something just doesn’t stick and I have to read it, sometimes over and over as if my higher self is saying, “hey, you need to read this, it’s important”. I thought at first it was a mental block, but later I realised how synchronous these phrases turned out to be.
    Best wishes.


    • That’s cool, I get a similar thing when I’m reading only I’ll read something and I’ll get a feeling like this is what I want to hear. Then turns out to be true. Thanks for the story.


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