Ouija 03: The Aftermath

lllouija_04Hi to all,

If you are just joining us you will want to read the start of the story [HERE] and [HERE]. Okay  Now this is where a few of my other posts also come into the time line. Strange things were happening like the [SPIRITS IN THE PICTURES] & [MEETING GEMINI]. At this point I tried the [SPIRITUAL CLEANSING] but this was not the only place that I went for help. I read books and even took a trip to my old ‘Born Again Christian Church’ hoping they could help rid me of what I had done.

What was it that I’d done? Well  at that point I didn’t know. All I knew was that my body wasn’t only mine. It tried to and was sometimes successful at moving with out me. I couldn’t leave my hands on cups and mugs or other light items such as paper as they would move with out my consent. I woke up in the middle of the night because my left hand was sliding across the bed without me. If this is scaring you, it should. Something other than myself was in my body and I had opened a doorway that I could not seem to shut.

lllouija_07Now when we see this sort of stuff in movies it is always the Christian Church, in specific a priest that drives out the ‘demon’ So I went to a church that I knew had some spiritual power as I had gone there as a child. I reacted badly to the atmosphere. What ever was inside me wanted to go and kept trying to turn my head to look at the door. I figured it was a bad thing that was inside me and it was reacting to the presence of God.  I was wrong.

There was something there that day, many people were blessed and ‘fell’ in fact at one point the entire congregation cracked up into roaring laughter, moved by the ‘spirit’. But this was not where I was to find my salvation, the more they laughed the more I wanted to cry, and I did. After the sermon I went to ask for help from the staff, pastors and such. They blessed me again but this didn’t help. I left with out gaining what I was looking for. I was extremely disappointed and I realized that Churches didn’t have the power that they claimed and could only take you so far along your spiritual journey.

The last straw was one day a mug moved under my hands with out consent and usually my reaction to it was to physically stop the item from moving. This day I let it keep going, I turned to the middle of the room and let out a stern “Watch It!” the mug stopped in it’s tracks. From this day forward I had control of the things that moved under my hands and it didn’t attempt to move anything else for a very long time.

My body had less and less pull towards things and stopped trying to move with out me for quite a while also. It made me believe at the time that they had the same cause but they didn’t. Was I possessed? Not in the conventional sense of the word but yes. Luckily for me what had asked me to ‘take’ that day was my spirit guide. She has a limited control of my body and now that I understand more of what is going on her movements are understood and welcomed, but for a long time I fought them.

lllouija_06Now like I said if this scares you it should, but the scariest part for me is that I very recently found out why Gemini did what she had done. She had never planned for this to happen and it was not meant to be a part of my journey but I did not know that I was under psychic attack at the time, had been for a while and still am at the moment. What attacks me wanted in. I was as I said in earlier posts, drawn to the board by it. Gemini threw herself on the grenade so to speak and got there first. She made sure to give me a good little scare to keep me away from the board. The things that move under my hands though are caused by the same phenomenon used to power the movement on the board. They are not Gemini and not good. I still don’t quite understand how they happen and why I don’t need a board.

I would love to tell you that I was a good smart little girl and that I never touched the board again. It is not true though. It called me back a few times, but I’ll leave those stories for another day. How I got from there to here is still a long way and fifteen years progress.

love light learn

6 thoughts on “Ouija 03: The Aftermath

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  2. I used to be into the occult and do the board, tarot cards, psychics etc. Thankfully the Lord got me out of all of that and I have been set free from that bondage.

    I’m sorry that you didn’t get any help from the church you attended, but most people (even Christians) don’t know what to do and have not had any spiritual experiences like this. (I have had some, but not like yours, and I have seen these entities/spirits manifest through people and it wasn’t pretty, especially as there were young children in the house.)
    Spirit guides are from the lower spiritual realm and are not our friends. They are not here to help us, they are here to hinder us and to stop us seeking the Lord.

    If you really want to be free of these entities/spirits, then call on the name of Jesus with a genuine heart and He will hear you.
    “Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.
    And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:12,13

    Jesus is the only way you can be set free.
    If you want to chat about anything, or ask advice, feel free to get in contact with me and I’ll try and help you as best I can. I don’t have all the answers, but I have some. 🙂


    • If they are here to hinder us seeking the Lord then why was it my guide that re-introduced me to the idea? I had a very abstract view on spirituality and God. She was the one who said trust in the Lord. That there is one creator and he knew what he was doing. I personally believe the creator is present in all of us and I also believe that the spiritual journey is different for all. I do not claim to know anyone’s way back to the creator, I am just learning mine. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell anyone what they should do spiritually including organized religion. Though I believe there is a lot of good guidance in several religions, most of it overlaps. Jesus was a messenger of the oneness of the universe and love of the Creator and people turned him into a false idol along with his mother and the saints. Gemini has showed me the purest love you could hope to imagine. I have felt it and I have seen it. I am extremely Grateful for her. I appreciate your concern and If I ever feel that I have misjudged the situation I will contact you. Thanks for reading.


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  4. Its chilling! The things we do not know about and yet catch glimpses of…

    You are braver than I; I would have kept clear of the board after that. I don’t use a board and I doubt I will but it does intrigue me so. Thank you for posting your experiences; fascinating.


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