Meditation 02: Horse Angel

Hi to all,
The day before yesterday was a pretty big day for me spiritually and this will be the second post based on events that happened that day, the first being yesterday’s post on ‘Funny Energy’.

I was pleased to be able to take my morning nap again. My son has dropped down to a midday nap instead of a morning and afternoon nap, which means mummy doesn’t get to go back to bed. *Sad face. This cuts my meditation down to once a day as I usually don’t lay down in the middle of the day.

lllhorse_02I put on a guided meditation that I had picked up on my iPod that belonged to an app. I was actually guided to it by the male counterpart of Gemini. Usually I like to use binaural beats and isochronic tones, but this had neither. I was undecided myself and found it easier to just take the advice.

The guided meditation takes the listener through some beautiful scenery. One of the places is a beach. As I was visualizing the beach a few horses ran through. Again it was an afterthought. “Hang on if I didn’t visualize them where did they come from?” They came through very quickly and left. I got the feeling that this was another of my angels but this one didn’t really want to talk, just to reveal himself and nothing more.

This was not enough for me though and a wanting began in me. He obliged and now I was petting the horse on the cheek and nose. I could hear the guided meditation leaving without me but I didn’t want to leave my horse angel. I communicated this to him and he communicated that it would be okay and that I should go, so I did.

I followed the guided meditation as it took me away from the beach. But as I looked behind me I noticed my horse angel following behind. He just followed patiently as he knew I wanted him there. Other than telling me it was alright to go, he didn’t say anything else to me. I get the feeling he doesn’t say much. But if he does have something to say it is well worth listening to. Thank you Horse Angel.


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