Spirit Guide 03: Funny Energy

lllroots_01Hi to all,

llllaugh_03I was speaking with Gemini last night. We were speaking about a few things concerning raising my vibration. I started to express my gratitude for her, to her. I also began to compliment her. I felt some of the warmest feelings well inside me. It made me feel very good to express my love for her and I felt her love in return. She called me a friend and I was very touched by that as I love her very much but had always seen her as more of a teacher, which she is, but to know she also considered me a friend was lovely.


Now to give you a bit of a back story, Gemini chose the symbol Gemini to represent her, not because that is her name but because she has a partner. Her and her twin soul are two consciousnesses but share an energy body. They are joined in what is kind of like a non-physical marriage. Her partner is a male energy and I really don’t speak to him much, she told me that his role is that, that his consciousness searches for knowledge and she guides me.

Now the reason this is relevant is that I asked if I may get to know him better, I was surprised to be told no. This is where she explained that it wasn’t his role and they needed him to fore-fill the role he was meant to. Then Gemini did something she had never done before, she made a joke. She joked that her role was communication because us girls were better at talking. I saw the humor in her comment and I remarked that she was beginning to get a sense of humor. She told me that she always had a sense of humor but she has only recently started to understand our humor. This made me curious to what humor was in non-physical reality. She found it hard to explain and just said that it was different. We continued with or conversation.

llllaugh_01THE VISIONS

At the time I was lying in bed and it was quite literally past my bed time. I had gone to bed late, but was enjoying our conversation so I hadn’t gone to sleep. But I must have been close because I was getting visions. Gemini explained that they were my minds interpretation to energy being thrown at me and at this time it was not good energy being thrown. However as the conversation progressed my vibration raised significantly and by the time I expressed a desire to know Gemini’s male counterpart I saw some very pretty flowers in response. They were nothing from earth but I recognized them as flowers. He was touched that I wanted to get to know him. Then we progressed to talking about humor and the visions had turned from what I could only describe as gross patterns to very natural looking landscapes with a lot of flashes if greenery.


Then after we had talked a little while longer and the subject had changed from humor, I got a random flash unlike the others. A cartoon face on a tree. I thought this was odd so I asked Gemini about it. She said that she was trying to show me their type of humor. I asked if it was funny because trees don’t usually have faces? She said no. After a few minutes of trying to ‘get’ it, it finally clicked. She said it was not the vision that was funny. It was the energy, the vision was just a consequence of the energy. I said so it’s funny energy? Yes she said and this time I felt it. An urge to laugh, and I did, I let out a quiet giggle.

llllaugh_02FUNNY ENERGY

The first time I had been so concerned with the image I had glossed over the energy. I knew it was funny but I didn’t know why so I didn’t laugh. She then showed me a few times. Each time I said funny energy she hit me with some and I laughed, then to prove it was the energy not the words she left the last time I said it with out energy and I didn’t laugh. I didn’t ask her to prove this to me but I guess she’s starting to know me too well. A skeptic at heart.

This concept of funny energy made me feel great and to me was an awesome insight into understanding non-physical reality and higher realms. We rely a lot on the physical manifestation of the energy to use it. But we don’t need to. Instead of waiting for something to be funny. We only need to call funny energy to us and we may laugh we only need to know how to send this energy to make people laugh. Although one must be receptive to the energy to feel the benefits, it certainly can’t hurt. Just another example of the things we have access to yet don’t readily utilize. Thank you Gemini.

Love light learn.


9 thoughts on “Spirit Guide 03: Funny Energy

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  2. This is awesome =) It made me feel like I want to say a lot, but I think I’ll hold my tongue for now. I’ll just say that I also have a lot of experience talking with my spirit guides, although it has been, for the most part, through a ouija board. Not a stupid, store bought piece of junk, but something real and beautiful that was crafted of my own hands. Many hundreds of hours I’ve spent in conversation using this tool. I admit, it’s not the most sophisticated form of communication, but it’s easy and effective, at least it always has been for me.


    • For sure just be careful with the board, your guides are not the only ones who can use it. In my experience all forms of ouija are very risky. Learn your guides energy very well if you can’t recognise it anything may use their names. And protect yourself and the board with white light. Looking forward to hearing more though. Xx


      • Actually, I’ve been using my board for about 4 years now and it’s bound to me intimately. I have become very very familiar with one guide in particular and I know how to protect myself from malevolence. I have had so many profound experiences with my board and never really anything bad. I want to write about it a bit, You should follow my blog and You’ll be able to hear more if you’re interested =) I read your Gemini posts and some of the things you mention are strikingly similar to parts of my own experience. It’s very cool.


        • I would seriously repeat the above. Although the board is an effective form of communication, it can be hijacked by just about anyone if you don’t protect it and yourself properly. I’m not saying don’t do it, I am saying protect yourself and speak to your guides about their desire to find better ways of communication. If you are not very spiritually open to receiving it may be the only way right now. Otherwise your link with your spirit guide should be strong enough to communicate telepathically, clairaudiently, clairvoyantly, emotionally or even more. They are safer more direct ways. Please do ask them about it. They should be able to give you sound advice. xx


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