Ouija 02: Escaping the board


Hi to all,

Okay, so if you’re just joining me you may want to read the lead up to this one [HERE]. Now it was happening the same way each time and although there was not a lot going on, on the board, it was enough to keep us interested, especially me. I hadn’t expected anything to happen for me on the board so I pushed to to see if we could get more. Gemini constantly blocked the board to stop anything from getting through. I had no Idea at the time that the “ghost” that she had spoken of was making consistent psychic attacks on me. The strong pull I felt toward using the board was caused also by this spirit’s strong desire to affect me.

Things could have gone so incredibly wrong here and I thought that they had. It started like a normal session only this day I had thought we had, had a break through. The disc had varied from the usual ‘Gemini’, ‘White’, ‘Blue’ responses. The disc slid to the word ‘Take’. A Psychic Circle has a lot more on it than a usual Ouija board including words, symbols and colors. When it rested on the word I started to feel vibrations going up my arm. I could feel that something was being given to me and it scared me quite a bit. My curiosity overrode that fear however and instead of taking my fingers off the disc I told what ever that had moved the disc and was offering these vibrations that I only want it if it was good and positive. It did not move. The vibrations continued. I repeated my conditions.

I did eventually move the disc back to the middle. I don’t remember if the vibrations had stopped by this time as a few minutes had passed. I do remember that I moved the disc back due to inactivity. I also remember I was the only one on the board but not the only one in the room. There were three other people in the room at the time. It then went somewhere it had never gone before. The four corners of a Psychic Circle have the four elements on them. It went to earth and hung largely off the board as it did so.

At the time I had thought that it was trying here to escape the board but couldn’t do so. Again due to inactivity I put the disc back to the middle and again it went straight back to hang from the same corner. This happen quite a few times and when we realized it would do nothing else I took a break. Then something weird happened. A piece of paper moved under my hand, like it was the Ouija disc. I could feel the intention of it before it moved.

lllouija_03I touched a card from a deck of cards that were similar to Tarot. They had been scattered in a pile on the floor next to me. The cards navigated the room like it was one huge board, and even tried to leave at stages. As you can imagine the first thing that we thought was that what ever had been trying to escape the board from the earth corner had indeed done so. At first I couldn’t control it. Things would move underneath my hands with out my permission. That night I went into shock. I was so cold even a doona wouldn’t warm me.

I had no idea where to go from here. At times it was like my whole body was one big pointer, pointing at spiritually unhealthy things and pointing to the bin. I felt like I wasn’t comfortable until I pointed in the direction it desired. My arm pointing here or there. A leg, if lying down, my whole body, pointing at the bin. Everything from smokes, alcohol, pornography, ammunition, and drugs were bought into my house and I reacted against all of them. It confused me. I felt like I was possessed but it seemed to be warning me against things that were bad for me.

I didn’t know that i was being taught a very valuable lesson and opening the door that would lead to my spiritual path. I was just scared. I felt like there was no one I could turn to and nothing I could do. Remember this was 1998. The internet was around but not the household item that it is now. The only access I had was at the local library an I didn’t know enough about it to think there could have been a solution there, and if I had I would definitely not have known where to look or how to find it.

Fifteen years on from that night and I am only just now starting to understand what was actually happening that night and starting to really deal with it. I tried unsuccessfully to figure it out over the years but the most known and popular beliefs about this sort of stuff were all wrong and there was no help or salvation there. [I will tell you more about that in my next post in the Ouija series.] I had to sort through the bull that we are all conditioned to believe and find the pieces of truth and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Whilst the picture is becoming clearer by the day there are still a lot of missing puzzle pieces but I finally have the pieces I need so that i can find the rest.


11 thoughts on “Ouija 02: Escaping the board

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  4. Thanks for writing about this; I am always interested in the experiences of others. I like what you said above about your guides giving you a push. Sometimes its a little gentle nudge…other times – a shove πŸ˜‰ lol


    • It is weird trying to recall it all. Until I went to write it down here I didn’t realize that some of the things that I was clueless on back then have since become clear to me.


      • I had the same experience when writing down my experiences in a document. So many things I thought I understood, I didn’t understand at all. Even after I had written the document, more things came to light. I wonder where it will end.


        • haha, yes I think it has a long way to go before any end becomes apparent but one of the life lessons I am in dire need of learning is to concentrate on enjoying the journey rather than trying to shape the outcome. πŸ˜€


            • That usually means you are in for one last push. Your spirit guides see your strength, even when you don’t. They push you because you can do it. Like a gold medalist it’s all really hard, that it until you’re standing atop a podium. πŸ˜‰ then again I just started a new phase of my spiritual journey, talk to me again at the end of it you’ll probably have to tell me the same things. Lol.


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