Meditation 01: Butterfly Angel


Hi to all,

The other morning I went for my nap and decided that I wanted to find out if I had a guardian angel around me. I have a very strong connection with my spirit guide but I had never met any Guardian angels. I was pretty sure that I had at least one as Gemini reassured me that reminding me to protect myself was as far as her protection aspects could stretch. I had however, been in a lot of positions where I knew someone had to be looking out for me. So I decided to see if I could contact my guardian angel, if in fact there was one.

I put on the below video on my iPod. The Binaural beats and Isochronic tones were designed for lucid dreaming. The meditation was a last minute thought but I figured the video would be fine.

I started to imagine large rolling grassy fields, surrounded by lush forest. There was a small rocky stream flowing past. I sat here and decided to wait for my guardian angel. As I waited in my meditation for some sort of contact. I suddenly had a thought. that it may be easier for them to find me if I had a place for them to appear.

I imagined a small grass circle that I put flower bushes about two thirds around, Then came something I didn’t imagine. A butterfly came flying through. At first I thought “Oh how lovely” Then I realized that If I hadn’t conjured this image that it may be the sign I was looking for. All I did was think this and all of a sudden heaps of butterflies appeared and then flew up into the clouds. My consciousness went with them.

I communicated with my Angel through my guide and found out that, they had asked for the offering of flowers to see if I could “hear” them. I was shown a red rose and told these were there favorites. They had chosen the form of a butterfly as they knew I was less partial to the typical angelic image of robes and wings. They also wanted to leave me with a symbol that I could see in my physical life and remember that they were watching over me.

I enjoyed the experience we spoke upon may backgrounds including in the clouds I created these backdrops myself in my imagination, but when it was time we finished where we started back in the rolling fields of green. Thank you to my Angel. I didn’t get a name but to be honest it was short and sweet and I think it will take some time time to develop proper communication with them.

Love light learn.

8 thoughts on “Meditation 01: Butterfly Angel

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  2. Nice vision, it’s very sweet. Always remember though that you are a vessel and therefore you don’t really need an intermediary. Just make sure to raise your vibration (as angels are beings of the higher vibrations) and believe that you can communicate with them. That’s it.


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