Gratitude: Perfect moments


Hi to all,

The other day I found myself being extremely gracious. Some days it is hard and life will really test you. But some days it is easy and life give you a bit of a break. It was hard not to feel gratitude for all I have in my life when a day contains so many wonderfully perfect moments that you literally freeze frame them in your mind.

lllgratitude_01The first perfect moment started at dawn. My ten month old son woke up and my husband was still awake, we played a game and then just lay there in bed all together. Both of my boys were happy and content and so was I. Then My brother came around to mow our lawn. My son and I watched as he mowed our lawn and I enjoyed it as I don’t get to see my brother as much as I like to as he is so busy. My son was thoroughly entertained.

Then my husbands parents came over to celebrate his birthday that had been earlier in the week. We sat outside, eating cake,  playing with my son and talking. I really enjoy the company of my in-laws. I am very blessed to have great in-laws. Over all I had a wonderful day and I hope to see many more days like this as gratitude becomes a much larger place in my life.


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