Spirit Guide 02: DIY


Hi to all,

So you are embarking on your spiritual journey and you’d like some help. Your spirit guide/s are the best place to go but how do you  contact them? Well I’m pretty much an expert on what NOT to do. For a start, don’t use a Ouija board or anything else that may be high risk. I did it that way and some truly scarey stuff happened to me that could have quite easily gone very badly. I wasn’t trying to contact my guide but I had put myself in so much danger she felt she needed to step in.

Now you can use a psychic or a medium, however, they will cost a small fortune especially if you have one who is legit and is good at what they do. Sorting through the fakes from the real can also be a task, especially if your intuition is not strong yet, but even if it is you may waste a lot of time and many dollars sorting through the bunch. It could take years to find what you are looking for.

There is a simple way that you can do it yourself at very low risk. The way to do it is to concentrate on opening your own third eye chakra and exercising your own sixth sense. You may find (in almost every situation) that your guide has already heard you and has been trying to contact you, but if you don’t have a strong link and you don’t know what you are looking for you may not notice at all. You can safely say that your guide would never ignore a request for help unless the reason not to help served you far greater.

lllflower_02So how do you do this safely and in a timely fashion. Well for one it will take time, but the good news is that it’s not hard and the rewards are great. There are many things that can help but I think the first is protection. Whether you can sense them or not spirits and entities surround us on a daily basis. Keeping high vibrations will help keep you off their radar but usually if you are needing a guides help your vibrations may be low. In any case this exercise will help to exercise your minds eye.

I find it is impossible to do this all the time but the key is to do it often and especially if you feel down or low, and any other time you think about it. You imagine a white or golden light surrounding you. Use which ever is more natural for you. You can start small just encompassing your body, then try to fill your room, then try to cover your house  and keep going. I am at a stage where I try to extend mine past the horizon and out of the atmosphere. It has exercised my minds eye greatly and when I get it right out there in to the universe, I get get a huge vibrational lift.

In addition to this you can use meditation. This will be the place and time that your connection with your guide will be strongest. The idea is to relax your whole body and to open your Third eye chakra. Once you are completely relaxed, clear your mind of all other thoughts and imagine your third eye opening. It can be represented by an actual eye or a flower opening, a light being activated or any other image that may seem natural to you.

It may help you to think about contacting your guide, but more likely the first few times will benefit from you just relaxing and taking note of what happens. Go in with a direct intention but put it to the back of your mind now and just observe. Your first encounter may be brief, but this is because you will not be expecting to see, feel or hear the communication and the shock or excitement will shift your state out of the ‘zone’.

This is okay in fact it is good, just work at getting back into the ‘zone’ remember how it feels to be in that ‘zone’ so that you can replicate it much quicker each time you would like to make contact with your guide. Each time you make contact it will be easier for three reasons. The first is that you will be able to keep your self in the ‘zone’ more easily and the next is that your sixth sense will be getting stronger and you will be picking up things outside of the physical realm. The last is that your connection with your guide will get stronger. you will start to recognize their energy and how they like to communicate and you will attune to it. You may even get to a stage where you will here them call you.

The key is not to be discouraged if you have a lack of progress at first. Remember you are excising and like physical exercise you have a short period at the beginning before you see your results, then once you break through your results happen faster. It is the same thing here, and just as your original state of physical fitness will in some way dictate how long it will take to see results so will your spiritual fitness bear an effect here. Whether you notice the results or not though know that you are getting them. Don’t try to force it though. Relaxation is key.

A great way to get going and speed up your results is to use guided meditations. I find them very helpful. You can search through YouTube clips to get one you like or that works or feels right to you. Take a few journeys then stick with the one you like. They will all have different methods for achieving the same thing because different things work for different people, however, guided meditations are not essential and you can do it in your own way if you are intuitive enough to feel your way into it. I will leave you with this one above, it is a nice one I found. If you would like to though go and find one that you really like if this doesn’t feel right or even if you’re just curious.

I will do a follow up of this one soon that will cover how to know if you have met your guide/s and what to do once you have. Good luck and remember to always keep yourself protected.

UPDATE: I found this cool brainwave entrainment vid that may help if you use to meditate to. If you have the time use this one before the guided meditation to really help open up that third eye. xx.


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