Spirit Guide 01: Meeting Gemini


Hi to all,

I’d like to tell you about the first time I actually met my spirit guide, Gemini.  Around the time of my Ouija sessions [you can read the lead up here.] I was going to sleep one night. I was just about to drop off to sleep and I had a flash of an image. It was very quick as I wasn’t expecting it and at the time had no idea I was connecting though my third eye with the unseen. In fact if you’ve been reading my blog you will know, I had no real idea what was happening at the time.

I was lying there in the dark and I remember it so clearly a flash of electric blue eyes. No iris, no white, no pupil. Just blue. But there was something else. Gold around the eyes. It was too quick for me to make out but it was so vivid that I sat up. Very curious.

A few nights later I had another incident. This time I was fully awake but very tired. I was rubbing my eyes as I get allergic reactions that make them itchy. Then I saw it. The same blue I had seen in the eyes. Floating around like a ball of energy. It came closer. It had no body, no head, but when it got close enough I could see the eyes and this time I could make out the gold.

lllBlueStarWalker02There was a golden colored mask-like area around the eyes. When I concentrated I could see the whole thing but the middle part where the third eye would be was the strongest. it is similar the the gold that I have put around the eyes in the picture to the right.

This was the first time that this happened. A couple nights later I had a similar experience. This time there was two energies, the same electric blue color flying around in my vision. Was this a mistake? Was there really two? The first came close to me and I recognized the golden mask. Then, almost like I was being introduced the second came close. I could tell them apart because the golden mask on each of them was slightly different.

The first was a feminine energy, but the second was male. Instead of the mask having a round top it looked similar to the bottom of the one in the picture at both ends, with the little pieces that swept to the side. I had to concentrate really hard to see the whole mask. It was a weaker connection. You can’t really see the sides of the mask in this picture but they had wing-like tips to them. The feminine energie’s mask flicked up, the male’s just went straight out.

Then I saw rings of light in the same electric blue color as they, come toward me. As each blue ring hit me I felt the most overwhelming love. I in turn began to feel love back, white rings automatically emanated from me toward them and I figured that this must have been a representation of the love I was feeling.

I saw the Blue energies a few more times after that. Usually when I was very tired and relaxed. They didn’t come close again just fly around in front of me. I knew what I was seeing at this point. I guess it was no longer necessary to come close. I later found out that the Entity that I had been contacting on the board, was the same entity here. It is hard to explain because although there is two of them, they are joined as one, kind of like marriage, but I am told I only need to refer to them as one. The concept is hard for for physical based beings to understand I guess.


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