Ouija 01: The Sessions


Hi to all,

Okay so I don’t think I will get this into one post so there may be a few of this series as well. Back to the past and I was about 20 years old I was living in a town house. I spent about a year or so experimenting with a Psychic Circle that my friend had lent me. He lived with his parents and we really couldn’t do anything there. The first thing you should know is that before even trying a Ouija board, I actually did believe that it could be used for communication with the unseen. I also believed that one shouldn’t mess with something they knew nothing about.

The 180

For some reason I had come to feel differently at this time, thinking that nothing would happen. I remember thinking, “Nothing exciting ever happens to me. I bet you this will be a bust.” A friend bought around a ‘Psychic Circle’. I remember at this point I actually promised myself that I wouldn’t do it in my house and I wouldn’t do them alone. I did both.

Cover of "Psychic Circle"

Cover of Psychic Circle


The fist time we did it, we went to a park at night and tried the board. There was a small amount of movement, but with four people, it was hard to tell what was real and what’s not. At first, even though it moved it never left the starter point in the middle. It moved slightly if at all.

I later learned that the slight movement was real, and so was the only message we got that night. STOP. Most of our sessions ended up this way. The disc would move but only slightly, often just turning on the spot, slowly, millimeters at a time.

I started to try them alone at home. I was the only one that seemed to be able to use it alone and by this stage our sessions seemed to go the same way every time. Move slightly then go to the symbol for Gemini, it would stay there, often turning slowly on the spot. We would then tell it that if it wasn’t going to move that we would assume it had moved on and start again.

This would happen time after time it would switch between only three responses. Gemini, White and Blue. Then it would just stay on one of them till we took it back to the middle. Then do it again.

Then finally one night with three of us in the room and two of us on the board we had a conversation. It said hello. We asked it questions and found out that it was feminine, for a name it spelled the letters ADT. It responded also to tell us ‘no’ when asked if it had ever lived on earth. I don’t know why I asked the question, I guess I wanted to know if we were dealing with a ghost or some other entity.

We asked it it had a message for any of us. It said yes. We asked who the message was for and it spelt very close to my name, missing a couple of letters but we got the drift. We asked it what the message was. It then spelt out the word ‘ghost’. I asked was there a ghost around me? It said yes. I asked if it was there to protect me. It again said yes and went to the symbol for angel on the board.

From here I believe the other girl on the board who had probably assumed that I was moving the disc myself and making it all up started to move the disc. I know this because ADT was my spirit guide and I have since then formed a close bond with her. It is because of these sessions I call her Gemini. She has confirmed what I had suspected all along, that half of that session was real and the other half was fake. Moved by the other member on the board.

I now know that Gemini had been blocking the board as there were some others about that weren’t so friendly. She had not intended at that time to have such an active role in my life. She used the symbol for Gemini because she is pair bonded spiritually with another, a male, but they act as the same being.  Their energy is blue as I was to find out and so will you in my next post. White is the color for protection, she wanted me to protect myself spiritually from these others.

I didn’t know what it all meant at the time but since then I have put the pieces together and worked it all out. I have regular contact from Gemini now and she has confirmed these retrospective conclusions. From there, things were about to get wild though. I guess none of us knew what we were in for.

Love light learn


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