Astral Projection 03: Expectations


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I’ve had quite a bit of interest in the Astral Projection series so I have put aside my next post to continue with this one. The next part I would like to talk about is expectations. What happens once you get it right. Again I am just speaking from research here, though I did have what I think was a little bit of progress last night but we’ll get to that soon.

Where Am I?

Okay so you’re outside your body. The technique you use to get yourself out of your body may dictate where you become conscious. For example,  if you roll out you will be next to your body, if you float up, you will be above your body or if you will yourself out you will most likely be standing or floating somewhere near who or what you are concentrating on. There are so many of theses techniques and this seems to be the hardest part, getting out of your body, so I would like to do an entire post on it. We will just touch on it for now.


I would now like to talk about something a little more familiar to myself. Protecting yourself. Ideally you will have started envisioning a white light of love around your physical body before you left it, and I have heard in many different places that projecting it around your astral self can help to keep unwanted entities away. It seems though that the higher your vibrations the less likely you are to encounter these nasties and the more likely you are to encounter love filled beings. I would still recommend a manual protection system. Some other good advice I have heard along the way. You can re-enter your body at any time just by thinking about it.

lllAstral projection_03Movement

It seems that this is in fact one of the ways you can move around in the astral world. You think of where ever, what ever or whom ever you would like to go to and you will just be there. There is no limitations in the astral world, only the limitations are put on yourself are   by yourself. If you believe you need to open the door to get out, you will not be able to exit through the closed door, if you believe you can walk through it you will, you may believe you can fly through it at massive speeds, or you may believe that a physical route is not necessary, just ‘appearing’ where ever you want to be. Although it is not necessary, I think flying would be the most fun. 😀


I am really not sure how guides work on the Astral plane so if any one has any information on that, I’d love to hear it. So far all I know is that it is possible to meet with guides but it is not the optimal place to chat with them. Space seems to be the easiest and most common thing to manipulate once on the astral plane. Though I have heard reports that time and dimensions may also be manipulated I am sure that, if possible, it is much harder to do as it seems far less common.

Night Time Habits

I was recently reading an article that suggested that night time habits are good as it was also possible to have OBEs that are confused with dreams. The routine helps to point out odd things that may give away that you are not in your body. It made me think about some dreams that stood out to be as bizarre and might have been in fact OBEs.

Wandering the House

The first was at a time when I was suffering some pretty bad anxiety related to post traumatic stress or PTS. I had to get up early in the morning as I was starting a new job and on top of my anxiety I was extremely nervous. I remember being really worried about getting enough sleep. I went to bed to go to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turn for sometime before deeming it useless and I got up and did some things around the house. Then I checked the time and realized that I only had two hours to get some sleep. I went back to bed and woke up, thinking what a strange thing to dream about, why did it feel so real and normal. There were no strange dream elements to it at all and it was so vivid and real. Just wandering about the house. I can’t even remember what I did now.

Astral Dreams

There was other times that I have dreamed that I swear I was awake and was in the bed that I was actually sleeping in to suddenly open my eyes and be awake. I believed they were dreams. The other that sticks out to me was one of my flying dreams. At times I will have dreams that I can fly. I will be flying around places and talking to people. Sometimes the other people can fly but usually I am the only one who can do it. Although I sometimes find it strange that I can fly and it becomes hard to do, sometimes I can just jump really high and far. In one of these ‘dreams’ I was flying through the clouds with angels by my side. These ones are less vivid and I don’t recognize where I am. I am less sure if any of these were actually OBE’s.

The Pull

The other thing that I often hear about waking up out of body, is that the closer you are to your body the larger the pull is to get back in. This leads me to last nights experience. I usually try my Astral Projection/ lucid dreaming techniques twice a day. I have most time at night when I am not disturbed, but when my son goes for his first nap in the morning I usually lie down then too, but it takes him time to fall asleep and he may not go down.

lllAstral projection_04Snap Back

Last night I was trying AP techniques but I couldn’t stop moving. There was a fly in the room with me and I couldn’t seem to get into sleep paralysis so I rolled onto my side giving up on the idea. I left my headphones in though with the binaural beats and isochronic tones going. I then had a strange sensation. I moved. Like I was about to roll over but I only got about two inches before I came back to the original position like a rubber band had snapped me back. The other thing was I had no intention of moving. I hadn’t tried to move. This happened a couple more times to different parts of my body before I fell asleep.

Graham Nicholls

Although it was a strange sensation it felt no different than moving my physical body, so I can not say for sure that this was astral body movement. I am hoping that it is and that I am making some progress towards an intentional conscious OBE. If you enjoy stories about Astral Projection I have included a video of an interview with Graham Nicholls. He has written two books on the subject and can Astral project very well. Hope you enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Astral Projection 03: Expectations

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  3. It is so amazing that you mention the way that you experienced involuntary movement like that because I was thinking of mentioning it in my reply to our last “chat” but decided it would be too long, so I was going to write about it in my post. That thing where certain parts of your body kind of “jerk” or twitch when you’re very relaxed but still not asleep, well an Indian priest told me many years ago that that is your soul/spirit/energy getting ready to come out of your body for travel. Sometimes as it tries to lift out, so to speak, it will “pull” part of your body with it briefly. When that happens, however, we tend to wake up more and then we don’t do the astral projection, but from what you describe it sounds like you are getting very close! I get that twitching a lot when I meditate right before my visions start, and I think with a little practice, you can experience that physical movement, do a bit of twitching or whatever, and not pay any attention to it. Because that’s it, that’s the moment when it’s about to start, so staying very relaxed and semi-conscious can help things to move along. Great post!!

    Oh, btw, I think that a lot of what we call “dreams” are OBEs, especially if they involve angels or other beings.


    • Cool. I was wondering if it was significant. It felt different to anything else I had felt, especially when meditating or trying to leave my body. I used to experience twitches a lot. But this was like an exaggerated one not as fast or short. I know what you mean about dreams. I now can think of more and dreams that may be OBEs. I dream about space a lot. I once dreamed I was on another planet claiming land. It was like an untouched earth but only a few people there. Makes me wonder. lol.


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