Astral Projection 02: The Process


Hi to all,

Okay so we’ve decided that we would like to experience an astral projection. Well I have anyway and you’re here coming along for the ride. (If you aren’t you want to start here.) So like I said before I found myself some guided meditations, which was fun but I still didn’t know what I was doing. The relaxation factor was excellent, especially for someone who has problems with insomnia. But was I doing it right? Was I close? Should I change something? I didn’t know. So I started researching the subject online.

Travel or Projection

I found that the commonly recorded process for having lucid dreams was extremely similar to that of having an OBE or Outer Body Experience. I am still researching the subject/s and I will most likely rewrite this entire thing once I have had an OBE and can talk from experience. One of the interesting things I found out was that Astral Projection is not the only way to Astral Travel and that they weren’t the same thing like I originally had thought.

lllAstral projection_02The Conditions

Okay so what have I learned in my research? Well I’m glad you asked. So far the things I have found as a must have are the right conditions. These may change for each person but there are basic ones that you must have and some that will be specific to you. From what I’ve learned, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it seems each persons energetic vibration will influence how each projection happens and feels.

Must have is relaxation, focus, time and a quiet and comfortable area where you can lie down and will not be disturbed. I found guided meditations great because they give you a voice to focus on and talk you through the process, keeping you on track. I find it reassuring to have a guide.

What Helps

Next are the things that may help, but it seems not all people use. It is said to be helpful to focus on or at least have a great desire to have an OBE. It is recommended that you lie flat on your back with your arms by your side or hands on your stomach. This is a recommendation but not essential a lot of people report that the best time to have an OBE for them is during a morning or afternoon nap rather than at night. Broken sleep may be a pain for most people but for those looking to experience an OBE or lucid dream the best time is often reported to be after waking and going back to sleep.

Beats and Tones

The other thing that can help in a great amount is the use of Binaural beats and Isochronic tones. The first is a mixture of two different but specific tones that when heard by the human ear combine to make one specific tone. It is usually long and droning and lasts an entire session. (Usually about an hour.) The second is a higher pitched tone that is beeped at regular and short intervals. The object of both of these sound waves is to coax your own brain waves into certain wave lengths and/or patterns. Certain ranges of these tones will hopefully bring your brain waves into the Theta range which is between 4-8Hz. I find 6-7hz is the most effective for me. This one has been helpful for me, but there are many on Youtube you can try.

Please use stereo headphones for this video to be effective.

Then What?

Then what is supposed to happen? How do I know if I am on the right track? How am I supposed to feel? Well from what I can tell this is where it gets very different for everybody. Once you relax completely, sleep paralysis should kick in. Sleep paralysis can also feel different for different people. In general though it is a heavy, numb feeling. It may or may not actually involved being paralyzed. Next there is usually weird sensations. These are also different for everybody, but common reports of vibrations, both intense and subtle, fast and slow, also tingling feelings, usually localized to extremities. There may be floating sensations or rocking sensations. At this point there may also be visions.

Getting There

During my sessions I have experienced tingling in my extremities. In different parts of my feet mainly. Not the entire foot or feet though. I have experienced Sleep paralysis. For me so far it involves feeling very heavy, like a ‘dead weight’ and a numb feeling quite different to any others I have ever had. It is more like disassociation or disregard for the physical body, It almost feels like being a lead weight at the bottom of the ocean.


I get visions also. I believe this is due to the Third Eye Chakra being open. Sometimes I see visions of things. Other times I see colored light or energy floating around. It is not like having your eyes open though. It’s like watching it on the back of your eyelids. Well we’ll see how we go. It can take a long time to finally get a successful projection and apparently it gets harder the older you get to have your first Astral Projection. I will post any updates or interesting information.

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Lots of love,


11 thoughts on “Astral Projection 02: The Process

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    • Yes, this seems to be the tricky part. I keep seeing a lot of posts from people who can get to this point but can’t seem to get out of their body. There are so many different techniques as to where to go from here but it seems different things work for different people.


  4. I can do OBEs and didn’t know that was similar to Astral Projection. I don’t know all the ins and outs but for me, I go into a state of meditation as you described (lying on my back with hands gently resting on my stomach. Of course I like my Isochronic tones in the background! (Although I have done it without any background noise when I was a teenager.) Then it’s just getting to that point when you start to see the visions, and at that point you start to take a bit of control rather than remaining passive, but you stay in the visions. If you maintain that state with the visions and work with them rather than against, you just “sit up” or “float up” or simply find yourself standing beside your bed so you can look back and see your own body lying there. After that you can will yourself to go or “appear” anywhere. But I find that while I can control where I go and what I say and do, the external environment will still be doing whatever it wants to do, just like when you really do travel somewhere new, you can control yourself but not the environment. It sounds like you’re very close indeed!


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