Spiritual Cleansing: Kicking Out Ghosts


Hi to all,

So if you’ve been following the story you may have read The Spiritual Journey Thus Far, and/or Spirits in the Pictures. So there is some weird stuff happening to me and in my house and I thought that I would do a blessing on the house. Well not me but a friend and her sister. They come from a very spiritually aware family and have had experience with these sort of things. The first thing that we did was get my friend to come and ‘feel’ the house. At first there was nothing of significance. She confirmed that there was something there but could feel little about any detail.

The Board

She then touched the Ouija board. She began to spontaneously cry. She said that what ever was trying to come through on the board was extremely sad. That was all that we found out that night. She didn’t really want to stay. She returned a few nights later with her sister to help cleanse the house, she blessed every door and window. We took the disc that we were using on the Psychic Circle and we were going to burn it.

lllrainbow_01Shut the Door Behind You

During this process it started to spit rain in the tiny courtyard that was in the back of the small town house. We only had a very small amount of mentholated SpiritsĀ  and the disc kept going out. A flame shot out of the bottle and lit up a plant behind us. By the end of this process we managed to burn most of the disc and at the end I distinctly heard the front door shut. I could see it from where I was and it had remained closed the entire time.

I remarked to the others, wondering if they also heard what I had heard. Not only had they heard it but reported hearing the same door close three times and the taps turn on. Obviously none of this actually happened but we all heard things that weren’t happening. Did the strange stuff stop? No. I later found out that a lot of what was happening was my spirit guide trying to alert me to presences and psychic attacks that were happening to me. She later shared how I could protect myself from them and still reminds me consistently to do so. That is another story though. I will definitely post about the subject it the future though.

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