Spiritual or Science 01: The Fourth Demension


Hi to all,

There are many theories as to the significance of 2012, in particular, December. Most rational people knew that this was not doomsday, but a lot of people sensed or believed it was somehow, otherwise significant. Today I’d like to open a discussion. Scientists and spiritualist alike have come up with similar theories of the evolution of our planet to fourth dimension. What they can not agree on and some people are not even bothering to speculate is what effects this transition will make to our daily lives, if any at all.


The scientific description of the fourth dimension is duration, not time, but duration. (The difference is to be debated.) Even Physicists admit that fourth dimension and it’s explanation is the flimsiest of all of the theorized dimensions. The spiritual description is that the fourth dimension is love. I believe that spiritual evolution consists of seven steps performed perhaps once or maybe millions or billions of times. These seven steps are:

ChakrasThe Spiritual Cycle

1. Existence. (Red. The Root Chakra. I am.)

2. Ignorance. (Orange. The Sacral Chakra. I feel.)

3. Knowledge. ( Yellow. Solar Chakra. I do.)

4. Love. (Green. Heart Chakra. I love.)

5. Connection. (Blue. Throat Chakra. I speak.)

6. Wisdom. (Indigo. Third Eye Chakra. I see)

7. Unity. (Violet. Crown Chakra. I understand.)

To me it makes sense that the spiritual explanation is more viable than the scientific. The fourth is love. The heart. What I’d really like to ask today is have you seen, felt or heard of any changes that you believe have to do with the transition of our planet. Are there already signs that are evidence of the change. Some will even argue that the Ascension/Harvest/Judgment day of the planet is here. I think it is but it is not the end of the world. It is movement into the promised land, forth density, fourth dimension, Nirvana.

Upping the Ante

I personally have picked up my spiritual game so to speak. I feel the call of the spiritual is becoming more urgent to more people. Maybe just a perception. Since the beginning of this year I have had these strange bouts of universal connection. They are usually trigger by music and thoughts of global unity, however, I cannot produce the result at will. The result being an immense sense of joy, so intense in fact that I am moved to tears of joy and finding myself weeping without control. Not hysterically or anything,  just the emotion is so intense I must express it. I believe a conjecture of my recent spiritual progress and the planetary shift  are responsible.

One of the scientific explanations.

I want to know what the planetary changes mean to you, if anything and if you have felt/seen/heard anything that you believe may be connected to it. Have you done research you would like to share? Also any questions to me feel free to comment. Here is a great explanation of the scientific version of fourth dimension.

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