The Spiritual Journey Thus Far


Hi to all.

I’d like to start with a little of my history. Not my whole history. Don’t worry. Just where the bulk of my spiritual journey began. I will let you know know that although I have had extensive amounts of experience on this level, I am still in the very beginning stages of my exploration of my spirituality. I have got to tell you though, it’s kind of like exploring your sexuality. At first it’s scary and you’ve been brainwashed that it’s bad so you feel a bit bad about it. Then, you find your rhythm and realize it’s the most natural thing you have ever done.


I have regular contact with my spirit guide. She is a feminine energy named Gemini. At least that is what I call her and it seems she prefers. We met funnily enough on a ‘Psychic Circle’ Ouija board. At the time, I didn’t know what I was dealing with and the transition was so scary at one point I went into shock. At this time also my third eye opened for the first time. I was amazed at what this meant, but again I was in uncharted territory and it was scary. It was 1998 and I was 20 years old.

The Things

The things that happened to me at this time included things like. Astral visions, where I would see visions when I had my eyes closed of energy that could communicate via emotion and vision. I could see the eyes in pictures move.[Click Here for the story.] I would feel vibrations from other people when I touched them, I could feel a pressure on my fore head where the third eye is. The most obvious and scary thing that happened is things moved under my hands. Cups, paper, anything that was light enough. Like the pointer on a Ouija board. I woke up in the middle of the night and my hands were sliding across the bed without my assistance. As you can imagine this all scared me so much that I cut myself off from the progress I had made and ignored it. It went away. I told it to.

lllbridge_01Sixth sense

I had problems with anxiety and depression after this and then finally started to find techniques that help me get back on my feet. I found myself, however, living in the same house as a sexual offender. A person that molested girls in their sleep. My sixth sense kicked into over drive and some of the things that happened I am still unsure of them. I heard another persons thoughts. I felt their presence when they tried to hide and sneak around the house after being kicked out. I was somehow warned and spared when they got into my bed uninvited through a locked door. I had more problems with anxiety needless to say after this. It all freaked me out. I never tried to enhance my sixth sense at that time, but somehow it was the strongest it’s ever been. Maybe because that’s when I needed it the most.

The Puzzle

More recently, in the last few years I have gone back to it. Trying to figure out what happened and if there was a spiritual way forward in it for me. I have made quite a few wrong turns along the way but yes there was. I have some sort of physical channeling with my spirit guide. She can use my hands to communicate, well any part of my body but usually my hands. She is very respectful about it and only uses them to remind me to protect myself spiritually. She taught me how to project my white light/love  around me to protect myself from spiritual predators. But mostly she let’s me figure things out on my own.

On Track

In our time together, I have doubted her motives. I think I would be insane not to. But again and again she has proved she is here to help and capable of great amounts of love. She keeps me on track. If there is anything in this post you would like me to extrapolate on or if you have genuine questions please feel free to ask in the comments. This blog is about growth so if you leave comments that are just here to diss they will be removed at my discretion. If you don’t believe that’s fine but I do. I have to. It happened to me, it still happening to me. In further post we will get into what I’m doing now as things have been accelerated and I am learning more every day.

Facebook-256Click the Facebook book to see what’s going on over at the Facebook page. Share your experiences, memes, photos, pictures and artwork. You are always welcome to share your spiritual journey in the lovelightlearn community. I hope to see you over there. Thank you all for your support it has been wonderful. Don’t forget to like the page before you leave.

Lots of love,


17 thoughts on “The Spiritual Journey Thus Far

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  13. This is great! Thank goodness for other blogs out there exposing these ideas to the world. I have a spiritual blog as well that I would love for you to check out – it’s big push is the connectivity that all individuals have to each other, but that we ARE all individuals; no one the same.

    I’ve linked one of our more thoughtful posts I think you’d like. But you should check out our ROCK CANDY features!


    • Thanks Urban Mystic, it was all pretty full on but I have eased myself into it since then and now I’m looking forward to a much more positive learning curve from now on. 😀


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